Pacific Pioneer Insurance Company (PPIC) is a California domiciled, admitted company established in 1979 and is licensed in 12 States.


Pacific Pioneer has been a force in the condominium association and apartment insurance market in the eight western states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Washington, Oregon and Idaho for the last 25 years.


U-Condo offers a total insurance package that provides protection for your personal property while on or away from your property. We offer personal liability protection which provides protection for accidents both on and off your property if the accident is caused by you or a member of your family.


The U-Condo policy also offers many unique features including, but not limited to:


Identity Theft Coverage
Liability/Theft for golf cart
Loss of luggage while traveling
Replacement cost for personal property ?

Personal Property limits will be offered at:



Personal liability limits will be offered at:



Personal Umbrella Liability and Earthquake coverage will also be available through separate policies.


A toll-free number will be printed on each policy to ensure easy access for policy holders to report losses. provides affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage to condominium owners.

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